The Tax Policy Charade

By: admin | Date: May 29, 2007 | Categories: Leadership

Tax policy discussions are meant to do what? Arrive at a rational policy, or garner votes. I think it is the latter. What is lost in all the debate over tax increases versus tax cuts, is science. Contrary to what most people may think, there is some scientific study of taxation. Applying The Laffer Curve [...]

How Can I Remove My Childs Profile from MySpace?

By: admin | Date: May 28, 2007 | Categories: Leadership

If you became aware that your child has a MySpace account without your permission there are some steps to take on what to do about it. suggests that you talk to your child to cancel the account if you want the account to be deleted. To do this, try logging on to the site [...]

Lessons from the Drive Thru Window. The Power of Asking

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I have an admission to make. I just polished off every molecule of a McDonalds Big N Tasty Meal. (That’s a #6 for you Mickey D’s wanna be’s.) Ahh, I loved each bite of burger and salty, soggy fry. Every mouthful was so refreshing after months of my “mostly veggies” regime. As I sat in [...]

How to Be Funny Without Telling Jokes

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Here is how to find humor in not-so-funny stuff. Before long, you will have people laughing a lot at your presentation without telling jokes. Below are some ways to get people to laugh.Steps 1. Set the scene for laughter. If you want to lighten up your program, you might want to let the audience know [...]

10 Vital Tips On Business Credit Cards

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An avatar of credit cards is the business credit card. Credit debt is a snake and needs to be handled with caution at all times. Although small business do benefit from a business credit card it is important and imperative to manage the business credit card effectively. To begin with your business card and its [...]

How To Avoid SEO Nightmares

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SEO nightmares for webmasters is when they go to bed after happily analyzing the latest traffic figures and resulting sales and revenue generated by their web sites, only to wake up the next morning to find that everything has been wiped out. If this has ever happened to you, then you know how devastating this [...]

Grille Guards And Bull Bars Are Ready For Battle Or The Burbs

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A good grille guard can be quite the versatile tool for your truck or SUV. In fact, grille guards better your driving experience with the following features: - Tough looks that add a serious dose of attitude or style to your front end - Protection of delicate, expensive parts with rugged steel bars that deflect [...]

Is the Media Blocking the Message of American’s who Don’t Support Israel?

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The strong U.S. support for Israel is daunting to most Muslims. A poll conducted by the LA Times indicates that in the recent assault of Israel against the Lebanese that 43% of Americans believe the attack was justified and not harsh in its treatment of the Lebanese people (Wallsten & Ghlert, 2006). Yet the study [...]

Woodworking Measurement Tips that Will Help You Build Woodworks Like a Pro!

By: admin | Date: May 27, 2007 | Categories: Leadership

Are you tired of spending too much on labor just to finish one workable woodworking project? Or are you tired of waiting for your husband to do your woodworking projects at home? Now you can save time and money! Better yet, impress your husband with these woodworking tips! Create your own tables, chairs, chest box, [...]

Making a Better You By Getting Rid of Anxiety and Panic

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Working to become a better you can cut down anxiety and panic attacks. Things that create stress are called stressors. Stressors can happen outside of you or in your mind. For something to be stressful, the event must be threatening to you in some way. Usually a stressor is threatening when it will have a [...]

Amake Money on eBay - Who Makes Money from your Hard Work?

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One of the cruel realities of owning a business is that there are many costs associated with being in business for yourself. Owning and operating an eBay business is no different. In fact at times it may seem like everyone else is making money from your hard work. It will seem like there is no [...]

What Happens To Your Conference Bags?

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Conference bags are more than just containers for “stuff” you get or need at a conference. They have become status symbols in the business world. The conference bags that you hand out at the conference that you host will go home with your conference attendees and travel with them – most likely to another conference. [...]

PC Satellite TV Review

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PC satellite TV is the new kid on the block in digital satellite TV technology. So just what is so fascinating about being able to watch satellite TV on PC? Even as we discuss, there is an exodus of current viewers who are watching satellite TV channels on television sets to satellite TV on PC. [...]

The Myths of Getting Rid of Anxiety and Panic

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It is natural when in tension, anxiety or a panic situation, we try something to make us more relaxed and feel better. There is nothing wrong in doing this; in fact, it is the first thing you should do. But unfortunately, many of the things that we do to try to relax, are not the [...]

Best Man Speech

By: admin | Date: May 26, 2007 | Categories: Leadership

Don’t confuse people. Keep it simple. Are You the Best Man For the Job?You are in a position of honor. Your close friend is assuming the position and he needs your help. He has asked you to be his “best man”, to stand by his side and support him through his last act as a [...]

Books Review

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The three stories that this essay will embrace are “The Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant, “Bartleby, the Scrivener” by Herman Melville and “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. All of these stories are concerned with the societal problem of perceiving the world through the materialistic prism. Those stories are depicting the problem in different ways through [...]

Which Type Of Pomotional Mug Is Right For You?

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In business, a presentation can mean everything. How you present yourself and your product will directly affect your success. This should be a consideration when choosing a mug to promote your business. There are many different types and styles to choose for the mug itself, and the advertisement. Promotional mugs can say many things about [...]

DVD to AVI Rippers: How to Rip DVD to AVI

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To watch DVD movies on your computer, you might have to rip the movie to AVI format. This article will cover how to convert or rip DVD movies to play on your computer in AVI video format. Before we dive into how to convert DVD to AVI, let’s first explain what AVI is. Audio Video [...]

How to be a great dad

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It seems obvious that everyone sets that standard themselves. Being a great dad isn’t achieving one set of measures, or even ensuring that your child confirms you’re a great dad whenever prompted. Being a great dad is an every day climb up the mountain, or a thousand-task test of parenting skills: patience, generosity, creativity, intelligence, [...]

Are The Deceased Still Among Us?

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There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire (be sacrificed), or that useth divination (fortune-telling), or an observer of times (astrologer), or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits (demons), or a wizard, or a [...]