Fishing Rods For The Perfect Fishing Experience

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Today’s fishing rods have incorporated modern features that are not typical of the more primitive cane pole. Modern fishing rods contain reels, which aid in the retrieval of fish caught in its bait. A much-sophisticated feature is the spinning rod where the entire shaft of the rod except the handle can move around on its [...]

Diabetes: The $132 Billion Dollar Pandemic

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You know, it’s not everyday a fellow like me gets to announce a major paradigm shift, much less concerning diabetes …or any other medical condition. You don’t know what a paradigm shift is? Well, if I mentioned events and names like: Gutenberg, Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, and Werner von Braun …you would [...]

Health, Medicine, and Glyconutrition: The Future Isn’t What It Used to Be

By: admin | Date: May 28, 2007 | Categories: Psychology

This is what they call “Hope”? We’ve all gotten used to the idea that certain maladies will be around for a while…like until the Second Coming. Maladies such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis…and many more are expected to be around, in epidemic proportions, longer than we think we will be alive…and anyone who tries [...]

May I Take Your Deposition, Sir?

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With the slew of legal jargons around, it gets easy to misuse technical and legal terms. Deposition is one these terms. Deposition, however, is not that hard to explain. Deposition is the act of taking a witness’ sworn testimony outside of court. It can only be done in well-defined circumstances. Some jurisdictions recognize an affidavit [...]

How to Use Law of Attraction to Create Better Relationships

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Every emotion we feel, every thought we think, everything we focus on has the power of influencing our life. And, in point of fact, every attitude we express or experience really influences the way we build our life. This is the Law of Attraction; what you see is what you get. If you picture you [...]

Learn All the Secrets of Belly Dancing

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The word belly dance, is a western name for an Arabic style of dancing. In Arabic countries it is simply called oriental dance and some American enthusiasts call it Middle Eastern Dance. Belly dancing is a form of dance that is not so widely acknowledged in America and other countries, but there is still a [...]

The Truth About UV Clothing

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How does one test the latest UV blocking fabrics emerging on the market?Curiously, a number of light and laser testing facilities do not currently use the latest pending standard involving the averaging of invitro (lab) and invivo (human) field-testing and instead, choose to measure using the single standard Menzies/Az 1994 protocol, which is much more economical but far [...]

HDTV builds up popularity worldwide

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HDTV is one technology that does not seem to be loosing steam with consumers. The popularity of this unique viewing system is spreading around the world. With the United States set to move to mandated HDTV broadcasts by the year 2009, and with the same country already restricting the new televisions manufactured in the country [...]

Mannequin Trends Change with Demand

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Mannequins are usually designed as a subtle representation of the perfect body type. Because they do not speak or move, people do not realize the impact mannequins have on perceptions of body image. Many mannequins are as much as six inches taller than the average American and over six sizes smaller in the waist. Their [...]

Madonna the Idol

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It’s been said that you achieve true fame if the world knows you by just one name. Madonna Louise Cicccone, or else Madonna, kept just one name but reinvented her image countless times, becoming one of the most successful performers of all times. Educated in Catholic schools as a child, Madonna danced her way to [...]

Why Your eBay Business Needs PayPal

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While it seems like a no brainer, there are still dropshippers who neglect to use the leverage that PayPal brings to their eBay business. In today’s online marketplace, this feature is seen by many as a necessity, and without it, dropshippers leave a large percentage of their potential profits on the table. Even before eBay [...]

Backup — But Where To?

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We all know we have to backup regularly, but those backups files can get huge. Add that to your existing your files and your notebook computer hard drive seems to have shrunk overnight. No matter what size hard drive you have on your notebook computer, space is a premium. Besides, it’s not exactly a good [...]

Achieve Your Goals This 2007

By: admin | Date: May 27, 2007 | Categories: Psychology

Everybody wants to achieve something yet the number of people who are actually and completely clear about their goals is disappointingly small. Most of us are caught in some kind of imitation behavior where our goals are merely 1 fraction above what the neighbors have achieved. This is not the right approach. If you weigh [...]

Copywriting: Is It The Right Choice For You?

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Copywriting is a learned skill that, provided you have a reasonable level of intelligence and are prepared to work, almost anyone can learn. That said, almost anyone can learn to play the piano - but they won’t get to Carnegie Hall! It’s a discipline that’s totally different in many ways to, say, fiction writing. Good [...]

Correlating menopause and osteoporosis

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Menopause occurs when there is not enough supply of estrogen in the body. With the absence of this important hormone in a woman’s body, there are lot of adjustments to be done and changes to prepare for. Studies show that the loss of estrogens accelerates bone loss in the span of five to eight years. [...]

Sacramento: Dating In The City

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Dating in Sacramento can be fun if you know the places to go to. Sacramento offers a lot of entertainment and hotel facilities for dating couples but why go there when there are ways to make your date unique and memorable? For those who are single and shy, they can take advantage of dating sites [...]

The Quest for the Golden Google PageRank

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Introduction of Google PageRank.Google PageRank (PR) is a measure of how important a particular web page is compared to other pages online. Web pages are assigned a PageRank score between 0 and 10. A PR0 site is least important and a PR10 site is most important according to Google’s reckoning. Webmasters strive to get as [...]

Is The Removal Of God From Our Government Patriotic?

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I fail to understand how this great country of ours is constantly attacked by civil liberties groups, in an attempt to abolish all forms of God from all government institutions, or anything that is government subsidized, like our public schools. The oath of office to be sworn in with, at most government posts, whether is [...]

Latin American: 1-2-ChaChaCha

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Music has played a central role in Latin America’s turbulent recent history like for example the nueva cancion movement. Latin American music, sometimes referred to as just Latin music, includes the music of many countries and communities and comes in many varieties, from the simple, rural conjunto music of northern Mexico to the sophisticated habanera [...]

The Story of Thanksgiving

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In 1620 120 people boarded two ships, the Mayflower and the Speedwell, for the “New World”. After 64 days difficult journey the Mayflower was to be the only ship to reach the “New World” and the number of people had been greatly reduced. Despite these facts and the fact that many of them were in [...]