How to Break the Feel-Good Addiction to Enhance Your Career

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How does a busy professional like yourself cope with the mounting demands and pressures of career and everyday life and still achieve success? Whether you are a beginner just starting your career or a tenured executive with many years of success, the key to achieving BIG is breaking the “feel-good” addiction. The feel-good addiction is [...]

Preparing Yourself For The Car Transport Company

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Sometimes life changes in unexpected ways and an opportunity presents itself that just cannot be missed. It may be a career change or a promotion that will mean a better salary and better benefits. But this prospect may mean moving to a place far away and so even if it looks better for raising your [...]

Kvetching Your Way to Writing a Story

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You want to write, but there are so many duties that take precedence over your personal goals. For those like me, who work full-time and are raising a young child, there is always the struggle to find time for writing. Once you do grasp the opportunity, after the baby is in bed and the husband [...]

To Declaw or Not To Declaw - Is There Really A Question?

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Cats are born with claws, the same way that humans are born with fingernails and toe nails. Cats need claws in order to mark or scratch a specific place or territory that they have been in. Humans need finger nails to, scratch themselves or others, or for opening a letter envelope. Cats basically stretch their [...]

It’s Not Why Nurses Are Leaving - It’s Where They’re Going

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A recent American Nursing Association (ANA) poll indicates that 18.8 percent of nurses in the U.S. do not work in nursing. A study by the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research reveals that 22.7 percent of nurses plan to leave their hospital jobs in the next 12 months. Despite record-breaking salaries and bonuses, nurses [...]

University Of Phoenix Online Review

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University of Phoenix Online is a popular accredited long distance learning university with glowing reputation for educational teaching and excellent student service. The online university degree programs are geared towards busy working adults who can hardly find time to study and commute to classroom lectures and tutorials. Phoenix University online specializes in current and relevant [...]

How To Spot A Bargain When Choosing New Tires

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Your tires are so important and there’s so much riding on them. It holds true for whatever vehicle you may be driving or riding, be it a bicycle, an electric scooter, a hot sports coupe or a daily use hatchback. A smooth ride does a lot for the car and the driver so if you [...]

How To Enjoy Arts And Crafts Hobbies Safely

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We turn to our hobbies to relax and to escape life’s many stresses. Thus, it’s ironic to learn that our source of comfort can also be a source of danger. Like many activities that are relaxing and therapeutic on the surface, arts and crafts carry their own dangers. Too often, toxic materials are included in [...]

Life Is A Struggle - Why Not Go For Your Dreams?

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Have you ever heard the expression: There’s no use crying over spilled milk? Well, in some ways that is how we have to look at life.When God created man and put us in the Garden of Eden, we had it good. It was the most beautiful environment and the trees simply brought forth fruit in [...]

The Air We Breathe

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We don’t need scientists to tell us we require ‘air’ to survive. The air we breathe has a gas called oxygen and without it there would be no life period. Humans, plants and animals all need oxygen to survive but although oxygen is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless, there are a lot of pollutants in [...]

Cats Bonding With Their Owners

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There are a lot of experts out there who say that cats are strictly independent animals. These very same experts state that cats have chosen to associate with humans due to their strategy of survival. Although many argue with this statement, there are many who agree as well although those that agree are normally those [...]

Telemarketing Mortgage Leads, Old Tricks Mean New Business

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There’s something almost magical about the system: you sign up with a mortgage leads generation company, and they periodically produce a list of potential borrowers for you to follow up with. You question how they come up with those names, and how does that affect your success rate. In reality, there’s nothing magical about it. [...]

Professional Careers in The Growing Spa Industry

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The term spa is traditionally used to mean a place where water that is believed to have special health-giving properties occurs. This is usually a mineral or hot spring, and can include cold water treatments. The term is derived from the Belgian town of Spa. A business traveler wants to minimize jet lag. A mother [...]

The Spread Of High Speed, a.k.a. Broadband Internet

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Everyone that surfs the internet these days is wanting more and more from their experience. The internet is becoming just like a desktop experience there are many times a user can be confused about whether they are online, or performing a task locally on their desktop. The demand for these types of media rich, extremely [...]

Birthday Gifts

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It’s her birthday. Someone special like her deserves an extra special gift. It has been days that you have been racking your mind to find the perfect one for her but to no avail. What do you do in such a situation? Don’t fret as your gift expert is right here to pull you out [...]

Self-Esteem Boosters for Women

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Women have learned all the secrets and little tricks that can make their faces glow, their bodies firm and their skin and hair flawless. But there’s one area where we still have much to learn. And it has a lot of bearing on how we look as well. It is in taking care of our [...]

Water is Nature’s Diet Aid

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Do you know the importance of drinking plenty of water? Before you spend hundreds of dollars on diet aids, you might want to consider using one that is available to everyone, water! Many dieters tend to overlook the fact that drinking adequate amounts of water can help them to lose weight, as well as keep [...]

South Africa, Surf and Safari , Whales and Garderns

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South Africa is more than a place you merely see, its a country to experience with all five senses. It’s an emotional encounter that makes one want to return and so I have now on my 5th visit to this land of beauty and freedom. It is a land of contrasts where traditional African ways [...]

The Process of Technical Writing

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The technical writing process consists of four main phases. These are planning, writing, delivery, archiving. These phases are not necessarily set in stone and some variations do exist. Every writer is different and they each have their own way of writing that is distinct. For those who are just beginning to do some technical writing [...]

Short stories - Dead In The Water Or Alive And Kicking?

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The short story genre is one that is thriving - but only in certain places. Where are they? A short story can be roughly defined as any work of fiction below about 12,000 words. A greater wordcount tends to move the story into the realms of the ‘Novella’ or Novelette’, a niche in the writing [...]