My Perfect Mess

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Nancy Roman Finance Litchfield, ConnecticutI had a rotten fifth grade. Although I made good grades, worked hard, was quiet and mostly obedient, Sister Saint Therese du Divine Coeur hated messy. And I was so messy.Sister Saint Therese made us fasten our winter boots together with clothespins, line up our book bags neatly in a row [...]

There is A Lot More Out There Besides MySpace

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Why is everbody only wanting to try and market on Myspace? There are so many other Grapevine sites out there like MySpace. Have you read the terms of service on MySpace? Talk about rules like another Nazi Gemany. There is rules forbidding everything in their TOS. I have done some research on social networking sites [...]

Baby Walker - Friend or Foe?

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Baby walkers, or sometimes also called a walking ring date back as far as 1870. Parents have been using this aid to amuse and keep babies occupied for many years.Nowadays many parents use this plaything to encourage their baby to walk.Of course, when parents talk about babies, walkers and encouraging them to walk, one question [...]

How To Increase Your Home Value With A Finished Basement

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While the basement is usually the darkest room in the house, that doesn’t mean it can’t be converted into living space. Converting a basement from just a storage area to one that adds value to your home requires that you put a little thought into the remodel. Besides the absence of light, moisture is a [...]

Goals for Growth

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When I started my business career, I started in sales and marketing. I found that after trying to teach school and coach baseball, I was a good teacher and a great baseball coach. But I could not stand dealing with the parents. I loved working with the kids. The one thing I was always able [...]

Consolidating Your Way Out Of Student Debt

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When college is over and you are left with multiple student loan repayments and sometimes even in debt, consolidating your student loans will help manage your loan repayments and even help save some money. Though consolidating your student loans can be found very useful there are different factors you should take into consideration before making [...]

Racial Discrimination and the Law behind It

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Still in our times, the battle against racial discrimination is yet far from being settled. This is very much evident on the large number of job discrimination cases which were filed in courts across the United States and most especially in the state of California. Typically, equal employment rights and opportunities should be handed down [...]

How To Tell If You Have An Enlarged Prostate

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No matter how physically healthy or unhealthy you are, if you’re a man over the age of forty-five, there is a 50 percent chance you have prostate enlargement. Doctors call it benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).That’s right… a 50% chance!The symptoms of an enlarged prostate are often painful, embarrassing, and frustrating. The most common symptoms are:* [...]

Term Life Insurance Vs Bank Mortgage Insurance

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Possibly most people today are aware of the great difference between term life insurance and bank mortgage insurance. People know that the bank owns the insurance (you don’t) you have to pay for it (they don’t) they are the beneficiary (your heirs are not) and it goes on and on.Term Life InsuranceBut apart from those [...]

How to know if she is the Right Girl for You

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It is great to have a long term relationship even if this is very difficult to sustain. It supposes a lot of sacrifices from both partners. Maybe you have met a wonderful girl a long time ago and you still have a relationship with her because you were able to make all the sacrifices and [...]

How To Fund Your College Education Expenses

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You have read the brochures, you have made your college choice, now comes the tough part of determining how you are going to pay for your college education. If you are like most students, you are not independently wealthy and so you start looking at student loan applications. This is the way that the vast [...]

Astrology and the Western World

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Western world is waking up to the concept of using Astrology to improve their lives. It is perceived to be more materialistic than the Eastern world. People in the advanced economies of the world give more importance to the tangible things in life rather than the intangible ones. Eastern countries like India and China, on [...]

Just One Click Away!

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A thriving way to help optimize your online image is to consider using the pay-per-click advertising. What pay-per-click means is that you purchase sponsored links on the pages of search engine results. Search engines are used every minute of the day, which means advertising your website with pay-per-click will greatly increase the advertising of your [...]

Which Mortgage Is Best For You?

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Many homeowners today are searching for a new loan. Most are looking to refinance the interest high loans. Back in 25 many homeowners purchased their loan with a low entry interest rate, just to qualify for the loan. But, today that same loan has readjusted upward and the monthly payment has in some cases double!If [...]

5 Reasons to Write a Book Today

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You should write a book. It just may not be for the reasons you think.The quickest way to get started in the information business is by doing an audio interview. Do a quick outline or put together a few questions. Find an expert. Record an hour interview. You now have a product. No more than [...]

Getting started with Keno

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Keno is one of those games that you either love or hate. There are also two versions of it-live and video. The live version tends to be very relaxing, but it’s not offered at many casinos. Generally, you’ll find a live Keno lounge tucked away in some corner of casinos that have it.Whether you’re playing [...]

A Woman’s Top 5 tips for a lean, sexy body!

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So all you women want to know how to have a sexy, firm, and healthy body? Here are my TOP 5 tips: One: Weight Train! That’s right, you need to weight train or use some method of resistance at minimum 2x’s but better off 3x’s per week. Why? Let’s put this in simple terms. After [...]

The Little Selling Strategy That Works Almost Everytime…

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Did you know that almost everything you do is a sales process? The people that lead the big fortune 5 companies, CEO’s, Prime Ministers etc. are all masters of the sales process. How about you? YES… you’re in sales also…the way you walk, the way you talk, the car you drive…they’re all ‘percentage points’ towards [...]

Comcast - Embracing Change

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When considering making improvements in home entertainment and telecommunications services, you should never rule out cable services. Comcast Corporation, one of the top innovators in television services and telecommunications technology, provides more than just television services. Cable services have come a long way since the early 6′s, and Comcast has prevailed and succeeded in providing [...]

Potty Train So You Don’t Have To Pay For Diapers

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Many children are in daycare these days, it has been reported that children between the ages of birth and 6 years are in daycare this is about 61% of the population, so it is important when potty training that parent work closely with their children. When your child is ready for potty training you will [...]