Web Development & Hosting : Software Development to Boost Profit

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Web Development & Hosting WebHost When you first set up a website in the World Wide Web, you may stick to something simple. A beginning website resembles a glossy brochure for your company or expertise. It details your mission, your company history, personnel contact information, and some basic services. This is great for some smaller [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Some Guidelines For Website Design

Web Development & Hosting WebHost You have a great product. You also have a great company image and marketing model. Now it is time to implement all your plans and bring together a website. You know very little about websites. Finding websites that have failed is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Many people [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Sticky Sites Rule The Internet

Web Development & Hosting WebHost Read through the hundreds of forums and bulletin boards on the internet and you will find dozens of threads centering on the lack of web site traffic. All the other remaining threads bemoan the difficulty of getting visitors to return long enough to buy something. Then there are the threads [...]

Web Development & Hosting : The Advantages of Web Page Template Designs: Tips and Guides on Which To Choose

Web Development & Hosting WebHost Building and creating a website is a nightmarish task especially if you don’t have the slightest idea on what you are suppose to do. Staring on an empty screen and waiting for some creative ideas to pop up can be quite frustrating and disappointing especially if nothing really comes to [...]

Web Development & Hosting : The Web Developers Field Guide to Outsourcing

Web Development & Hosting WebHost The Web Developers Field Guide to Outsourcing By Peter Ferrigan [] ———————— What is Outsourcing? ———————— Whenever you hire someone or a group of people that are outside of your business to handle business functions. This can include, auditing, payroll data entry and work in Information Technology. Outsourcing is essentially [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Web Development & Hosting WebHost As a business, your website can make you or break you. As a result, you need to choose a strong company to handle your web hosting. When you are ready to start your journey into the web, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive web hosting account you can find. [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Things to Remember Before Making a Website

Web Development & Hosting WebHost What do subscribers dislike most about your Website? Obviously, many people leave a site when it takes too long to load. Every second is important; there are so many website to use. So why would they keep waiting for your site to load when there is another site available, much [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Using Flash in Good Web Design

Web Development & Hosting WebHost Using Flash in Good Web Design There seems to be a constant back and forth between programmers, systems developers, and web designers, not to mention users and merchants, about whether or not Flash is a good thing or a bad thing. You hear arguments on both sides, and they can [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Using PHP for Website Navigation, Explained.

Web Development & Hosting WebHost PHP can be very useful in your webiste design, I use PHP for my websites difficult functions such as forums, blogs, chat, user forms, and shopping cart interface. But did you know you can use simple PHP for your website navigation systems? The use of PHP for your websites header, [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Virtual vs. Dedicated: Which Type of Web Hosting Do I Need?

Web Development & Hosting WebHost The choice between the type of web hosting, virtual or dedicated, is governed by several factors that need to be taken into consideration by the site owner. The key for a site owner is to try and fulfill his requirements while staying within his budget. An understanding of the pros [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Web Design is Worlds Apart from Printing

Web Development & Hosting WebHost When designing for the web, keep in mind that you are not designing a printing project. That is why what appears good in your website is not necessarily the same as when it is printed. If you are the designer, this is what you should explain to your customers. You [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Web Designing as a Profession

Web Development & Hosting WebHost Internet, technology of computer, is a boon to the 21st century. New Technologies, latest software are coming out daily to cop up with the increasing demand of the consumers. Nobody can even think of successful life without the help and assistance of with these technologies. Internet is the largest medium [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Web Development & Design Techniques

Web Development & Hosting WebHost Some basic care to be taken while designing and developing a website. Today, internet has become a very important media in business world. According to a statistics, almost 70% of the the total business in the world is running over internet. A natural question arises that how does people running [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Web Hosting - Exactly What is it & How do you get a Good Web Host?

Web Development & Hosting WebHost A web hosting service is a sort of Internet hosting service with the intention of providing with online systems for · storing information,· images,· video, or · any content accessible via the Web to the individuals, organizations and users. Web hosts are companies with the aim of providing space on [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Web Hosting and What It Means to You

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Web Development & Hosting WebHost When you first establish a presence online, you need to start with the right tools at your disposal to be successful. Throwing up any old domain name and using a free hosting service is not a great way to impress potential clients. Internet users are savvier today than they ever [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Web Hosting Basics

Web Development & Hosting WebHost Web hosting can be a bit overwhelming for beginners. Most people think that you have to hire an expensive company to handle their web hosting services. However, the simple truth is that if you have an internet connection and a computer, you can easily handle your own web site with [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Website Accessibility - Proper Navigation

Web Development & Hosting WebHost A very important point to consider while designing a website is proper navigation. You must ensure that potential clients or customers are able to find the information they are looking for without too many clicks. As a quick rule of thumb, visitors to your site should be able to visit [...]

Web Development & Hosting : What are Virtual Private Servers (VDS) and Their Advantages?

Web Development & Hosting WebHost Do you think that Virtual Private Server also known as VPS is a popular and a new concept? No it is an old concept of dividing a physical device, which is large and costly into many parts and allowing more and more people access to it at affordable price. It [...]

Web Development & Hosting : Why Your Site Should be Developed With CSS and Semantic Markup

Web Development & Hosting WebHost One thing that I have learned in over a decade developing web sites is that the Net is continually changing, and to keep up you need to change with it. One of the more recent developments in web design is the use of CSS and semantic markup. CSS and semantic [...]

Domains - Boom or Bust?

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WebHostA brief history of domainsDomain name registration started in earnest in the early days of the Internet, when people started to cotton onto the fact that domain names could be used for something other than novelty or specialized technical duties.There were heady growth levels as new domain name registrations expanded like wildfire through the available [...]